Over the last several decades, Tyler Pope has been an integral player in the myriad
intersections between dance, electronic, and pop music. His storied career goes back to the late1990s as a member of iconoclastic dance-punk group Out Hud—a group that would eventually mutate into the long-running !!!, who were at the forefront of New York City’s dance-punk scene in the early-to-mid 2000s. Around that time, Pope also became a full-time member of legendary dance-rock titans LCD Soundsystem, contributing to the band’s estimable recorded catalog and touring the world with them to this day. In addition to working with other esteemed dance artists like Pantha Du Prince and Hercules and Love Affair, the Berlin-based Pope also maintains a musically adventurous solo career with the aim of fusing his love of dance music and modern hip-hop’s tricky rhythms, all while keeping to the distinctly punk ethos that he’s retained throughout his career. Later this year, Pope will release his third EP on his Interference Pattern label, Make Each Other Happy—an intriguing and body-moving collection of tunes that equally recall the seductiveness of dark disco and the Neptunes’ forward-thinking production style.

Berlin-based musician Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Out Hud) founded Interference
Pattern back in 2016 as a way of directly releasing his solo music, along with showcasing
boundary-pushing sounds that deserve to have more ears on them. The label’s impeccable
sounds are curated through Pope’s forging connections through the internet with artists all over the world, making for a catalogue that has proven truly unpredictable at every turn. From the body-moving noise-rock of Sacramento outfit Drug Apartments and the left-field R&B of Edge Slayer to Pope’s own polyrhythmic, richly textured solo excursions, you never know what you’re going to get when you drop the needle on an Interference Pattern release—which is a glorious thing. And with a new EP from Pope and an Edge Slayer full-length on the way, there’s only more to come.Tyler’s long standing music career with LCD Soundsystem spans multiple decades and stylistic evolutions. In 2016 he launchd the label as an output to showcase and support new talent in tune with his personal tastes